cloud008 - Remixes Vol. 2

remixes, volume 2

released: 2009-02-20     |     cloud 008

  1. In the Morning Light
        ...the epic baroque version by Fyll Kyllynz
  2. Coldest Day of the Year
        ...buzzed yet grounded by Slava
  3. Devotion
        ...taking you back to my house mix by Honeycutt
  4. Coldest Day of the Year
        ...unraveled and redesigned by Quantazelle
  5. Coldest Day of the Year
        ...8 bits make a byte by Royb0t
  6. [full cover art]

Tracks are highest quality MP3 and are tagged for Serato and Traktor.

Track 1 written by Wilson/Long/Patel.
Tracks 2-5 written by Wilson/McElwain/Long.
Copyright 2009 The Heaven Seventies.